GRG is a waste to resource management group headquartered in Guernsey in the Channel Islands. GRG companies are active in the transportation, processing and trading of all forms of waste. Every day we turn processed waste material into reusable resources.
GRG waste streams originate from across society, be they from public or commercial sources. The group serves customers ranging from Governments to individuals and businesses from all sectors.

GRG provides infrastructure and services for all forms of solid, hazardous, liquid and inert waste in large and small economies. Given our Channel Islands heritage GRG has a particularly intimate and unique knowledge of waste management solutions for island economies. In the UK, GRG has become a market leader for hazardous and liquid waste, providing solutions across the UK.

Today GRG employs over 200 staff operating across the jurisdictions of Guernsey, Jersey, UK and the Cayman Islands.


Timely and efficient road and sea transportation

GRG waste collection and onward processed resources transportation requires a variety of logistic solutions.

GRG collection services include compactor vehicles, skips, flatbeds and hi-ab lorries onto which different size skips, containers and one-tonne bags can be loaded. Our UK services include bulk tankering, with a fleet of specialist vehicles and units that can transport all types of liquid waste streams. This flexibility allows GRG to service the needs of all types of customer no matter how large or small.

After the waste has been processed into its onward recycled or recovered form, GRG arranges for its transportation over land and sea. The group has partnerships with numerous international logistic providers, including road hauliers and shipping brokers.

Processing solutions for all types of waste

GRG processes waste depending on the waste stream itself and its collection method (mixed or segregated). All GRG sites have waste licences and regulatory approval for their processing activities. The group operates waste processing solutions for:

Dirty MRF

Commercial and demolition waste is processed through a ‘dirty’ MRF. The waste originates from a broad range of commercial and public sources in a mixed state, inclusive of all potential waste types. This mixed waste requires specialist processing to maximize reclamation of recyclables and refuse derived fuel (RDF), to minimise the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

GRG operate dirty MRFs with industry leading plant and equipment designed to maximize the recycling and recovery rate from this waste stream.


Household and commercial dry recyclables are processed through a ‘clean’ Material Recovery Facility (MRF). This waste stream originates from a segregated or co-mingled collection from public and commercial sources. The process extracts clean recyclables such as paper, cardboard, mixed plastics, tins and cans.

GRG operate clean MRFs with industry leading plant and equipment designed to maximize the recycling rate from this waste stream.


The waste metal originates from commercial and public sector sources. Waste metals include industrial and commercial construction and demolition metal, End-of-Life-Vehicles (ELVs), domestic appliances such as washing machines and fridges, boilers, piping, roofing, and window frames.

Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals require specialist processes to recover the maximum amount of recyclable metal. GRG operates scrap metal recycling facilities using a range of plant and equipment including a shear and shredder recovery system, as well as an ELV Depollution plant (vehicles are drained of all oils and lubricants for recycling before metal processing begins).

Waste Oil

Waste vegetable or cooking oil is processed into Bio-Diesel through a series of chemical reactions in bespoke plant and equipment. Waste mineral oil is passed through a distillation process for recycling or recovery.


E-waste is an ever-growing segment of the waste stream. Companies are facing increasingly onerous compliance laws in the handling and ultimate destruction of personal data. A forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (expected in 2018 but with adoption already taking place) headlines that breaches can lead to multi-million Euro fines. GRG recognizes the importance of this critical regulation and has developed secure destruction services that enable our customers to reach compliance.

GRG provides customers with secure data wiping and data destruction services as well as a full recycling or re-use service for discarded IT equipment. Our accreditation for the secure destruction and disposal of electronic hardware is globally recognized as the highest standard available.


Specialist and highly regulated, hazardous waste commands a rigorous waste service. Originating from sources such as manufacturing, chemical, aerospace and oil industries, we enable our customers to prepare their hazardous waste compliantly before it leaves site, and from there provide a fully audited waste service for disposal.

GRG operate Waste Transfer Stations where a range of hazardous waste steams, including chemicals, WEEE, aerosols, lab smalls, paints, oily rags and asbestos are all accepted.

Industrial Services

All our City & Guilds confined space trained operatives can work in all manner of environments using calibrated specialist safety equipment and full breathing apparatus. GRG provides services to the petro-chemical, oil, aviation and heavy industry sectors.

Specific services include chemical handling and transfer services, paint booth cleansing and coating application, heavy industrial cleaning, factory decommissions, plant and machinery cleans, pond, lagoon and lake de-silting and cleaning, chewing gum and graffiti removal, site clearances, laboratory cleans, bonded asbestos removal and emergency spill response.

Liquid Treatment

Focused on sludges containing a high percentage of water, our treatment processes separate out hydrocarbons, water and solids/inert for recycling and disposal.

Liquid waste streams we can treat include onshore drilling mud, interceptor solids and gully waste, oily water, high Solid Wastes, leachates, food wastes, sewer grits and screenings, pond, lagoon and river silts and solids.


Waste tyres are processed depending upon the end market for the waste material. GRG processing solutions include shredding to various sizes for use as a tyre derived aggregate (TDA), and baling tyres for use in landscaping projects including golf courses and roadways.

Quality is key to maximize recycling and recovery rates

The quality of the processed waste materials is the key to ensure that all materials sent for onward treatment – either for recycling or recovery – can be used as a new secondary resource, in place of virgin raw materials.

GRG waste to resources include:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastics
  • Metal
  • Aggregates
  • Wood
  • Oil
  • Tyres
  • Computers & Electronic Equipment
  • Refuse Derived Fuel


GRG Acquires Chloros Environmental

GRG Acquires Chloros Environmental

GRG has acquired Chloros Environmental, one of the UK’s fastest growing hazardous waste companies. Chloros provides services for hazardous waste, emergency hazardous waste removal, industrial cleaning, site clearance, total waste management, and other consultancy...

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GRG is driven by the principles of sustainability across all our operational practices and corporate structure.
GRG aims to protect the environment from pollutants and to preserve the world’s limited resources for future generations. Our contribution to this cause is the diversion away from landfill of thousands of tonnes of waste each year, recycling and recovering waste material wherever possible; over 80% of GRG waste material received is either recycled or recovered.
This reduces the world’s requirement to process virgin raw materials and reduces the environmental impact that untreated waste can have on the environment if disposed to landfill.

GRG continually progresses its environmental credentials, working to minimize and mitigate any detrimental impact our activities may have on the environment. GRG always works to meet or exceed applicable waste laws and regulatory requirements.

GRG promotes a core principle of local value creation for all its operational activities. Delivering a positive vocational, social, economic and environmental impact to the markets we serve is a priority for all our work.


GRG shareholders are a mixture of an investment fund and international business leaders, who combined have decades of experience in the waste and resource sectors. Together management and shareholders drive the business forward on a daily basis.

Investors include:

Bailiwick Investments Limited is a Guernsey authorised closed-ended investment company that has been established with the objective of attaining long-term capital growth through a diversified portfolio of investments. The investments are principally made in businesses, property and assets that are situated in, registered in, headquartered or managed from the established financial centres of Guernsey and Jersey. Bailiwick Investments invests in well-established profitable businesses within the Channel Islands and works with the existing management teams to grow the organisations and to assist them in achieving their long-term goals.

For any further information on Bailiwick Investments Limited, please contact Ravenscroft who acts as investment manager to the company or visit their website

Stephen Lansdown is co-founder and former Chairman of Hargreaves Lansdown PLC, the UK’s biggest independent private client brokerage and a member of the FTSE 100.

He moved to Guernsey in March 2010 and formed the family office comprising the Pula Group of companies. He has become a firm supporter of local business, culture and the sporting scene.

Stephen’s directorships include positions within Ravenscroft Limited, Earth Capital Partners LLP and Sustainable Technology Investments (Guernsey) Ltd.

Jon Moulton is Chairman and founder of the Better Capital fund vehicles. He is a Chartered Accountant, a CF and a Fellow of the Society of Turnaround Professionals. Formerly Managing Partner of Alchemy, Jon also previously worked with Citicorp Venture Capital in New York and London, Permira and Apax.

Jon is Trustee and Principal Donor to the J P Moulton Charitable Foundation and the Jon Moulton Charity Trust which has committed some £49m to clinical trials. Jon is also a Trustee of the UK Stem Cell Foundation. He is a very active angel investor. He was a director of the listed Battle Against Cancer Investment Trust (BACIT Ltd). Jon is the Non-Executive Chairman of Infex Therapeutics and until recently was Chairman of FinnCap, the stockbroker and The International Stock Exchange. He is a member of the ICAEW Technical Strategy Board and of their corporate finance faculty.


Alan spent his early career building Mayer Parry into the largest scrap metal recycling company in the south of England. Under his leadership the company built up scrap metal exports to over three million tonnes per year, and twice won the Queen’s Award for Export Achievement. In the late 1990s Alan merged Mayer Parry with European Metals Recycling (EMR), creating the largest scrap metal recycler in the UK and Europe. He later left the company to relocate to the Channel Islands.

Having moved to Guernsey Alan acquired Guernsey Recycling (1996) Ltd. The company started in scrap metal recycling and through the acquisition of Mayside Recycling in 2008 diversified into the recycling of dry recyclable waste. In 2015 Guernsey Recycling (1996) Ltd acquired Island Waste, a commercial and demolition waste company to create GRG.

Alan has also been the President of the European Federation of Recycling (EFR) and Vice President of the Bureau International of Recycling (BIR).

Michael became Managing Director of Mayside Recycling following its acquisition by Guernsey Recycling (1996) Ltd. He developed the business and led the team in installing a state-of-the-art MRF system in the Mayside Recycling facility to process kerbside/co-mingled waste material.

Michael played a central role in negotiating Guernsey Recycling’s acquisition of Island Waste, including the fund raise with new investors. Upon completion of this deal Michael became Managing Director of GRG (the new trading name of Guernsey Recycling (1996)). Michael has subsequently set the strategic direction of the business and led the acquisitional and organic growth of the group, developing GRGs presence in the jurisdictions of Jersey, Cayman Islands and the UK.

Matt has worked within the recycling industry for over 20 years primarily within the scrap metal sector. During that time he has worked for various scrap metal businesses in the UK including European Metal Recycling, one of the largest scrap metal recyclers in the world.

Matt has gained operational expertise over the years and has managed various shredder installations including all the Mega shredders within the South East of the UK. In his time at European Metal Recycling he also managed all transport and logistics for the southern region.

Matt also has a degree in Financial Management and a HND in engineering. He has completed IOSH managing safely and has Wamitab accreditation for recycling.

Barry has over 25 years of accounting experience mainly in the financial services sector and has also worked in the commercial sector.

Barry has held a number of group reporting related roles including working for an American Stock Exchange listed oil and gas exploration company. This role involved working closely with accounting departments in different jurisdictions to produce consolidated group accounts and included specific responsibility for the timely filing of quarterly and annual returns with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Barry’s strengths are in the preparation of relevant financial management information on a timely basis as well as the oversight and development of the group’s accounting functions to ensure robust financial statements close processes are in place.



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